Producer Update


Hey Gearheads!

We know you’ve been waiting and hoping for an update on the progress we’ve been making behind the scenes with Heavy Gear Assault. I am happy to announce we are planning to do weekly Producer updates from here on out - so you'll never have to wait for the latest news on Heavy Gear Assault again.

Now onto our first weekly update!

As many of you may know – our alpha testing team got their hands on HGA over the weekend of 7/12. Feedback from the team has been incredible thus far and will drastically improve the overall Heavy Gear experience upon public release of HGA. But in order to keep momentum we needed to focus our entire team into a new development schedule with motivation to release patches faster than we did internally. This mostly explains the lack of updates publicly.

Since alpha launch we’ve released our first patch on 7/18. Here’s the complete change list:

  • Fixed bug where you could not exit server lobby after server crash
  • Escape now clears and hides chat box when open
  • Graphic settings added to options menu
  • Input sensitivity settings added to options menu
  • Fixed error that sometimes caused crash when spawning a Gear
  • Added explosion effect and sound to rocket impacts
  • Added day and sunset cycles to Hydro Station
  • Added collisions to various objects and terrain to all maps
  • Disabled pause button
  • Warrior now spawns when pilot steps onto platform instead of when stepping off
  • Team kills now cause negative scores
  • Killing unmanned Gears no longer awards a kill
  • In-game chat now auto scrolls
  • Added small delay between dodges and jumps to prevent “bunny hopping”
  • Added blocking volumes around the edges of Character Testing map
  • Capture The Flag has been temporarily removed from the server rotations as we are in the middle of making some adjustments to the gametype.
We are now currently in the process of upgrading from Unreal Engine 4.0 to 4.2. This engine upgrade is a significant upgrade and will bring support for things important to a mech game like ours such as improved joystick support. But it will also address issues with performance and our UI and HUD on slower systems.

From here, we are on track with completing our internal damage system and improving our weapons system’s accuracy. Those updates will be subsequent patches after we unleash 4.2 on our alpha team.

We’ve also been busy finishing our next level known as the Chop Shop - you’ll be seeing more of the Chop Shop very soon.

Here's a recent concept from our Chop Shop work.

Ever built something with legos? Of course you have. The concept is the same when it comes to modular thinking. We've continued to work on our ability to build modular environments. Improving and refining this concept to enable our small independent team to build incredible environments at rapid pace. Having the ability to create modular environments enables us to quickly fill in a blocked out level with modular environment pieces rapidly. Overall our goal is to have as much of HGA working in a modular format. It is at the heart of our Art Design and works perfectly with the nature of the Gear universe.

Here is another recent concept from our modular tower design.

We've also been working on a number of meta-game and game-type aspects of HGA recently. One of the most interesting things to come out of that conversation was Gear Football ! Maybe it had something to do with the World Cup that just ended.

Here is some concept showing off various ideas for a Gear Football gametype!

And last but certainly not least. We are of course working on our next series of Gears which we’ll leave the community speculate wildly about until the first screenshots drop. And we do promise we’ll drop those screenshots for everyone – not just the alpha team.

I hope you've enjoyed this update as much as I've enjoyed writing it. Looking forward to hearing your comments.

See you on the field.

Your Producer,

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