What is the Heavy Gear Universe?

Heavy Gear is a science-fiction setting created by Dream Pod 9, a Canadian hobby games studio. The setting focuses on mechas called Gears and the role they play in the wars of the 62nd century on the distant planet of Terra Nova. Originally a Pen-and-Paper role playing game, Heavy Gear has evolved into a table top miniatures war game, featuring some of the finest mecha figurines in the industry. Since its first appearance in 1994, the Heavy Gear franchise has now seen several edition of its game line and close to 80 source books, making it one of the most detail game settings of its kind.

Heavy Gear was made into 2 PC games by Activision in 1997, and 1999.

What is the focus of Heavy Gear Assault?

Gear Sports is a huge sport on Terra Nova and dueling itself is present in nearly all Terra Novan cultures and leagues. Heavy Gear Assault will focus play on the major Gear dueling circuits present in the Heavy Gear Lore. Players will compete in this no holds-bar sport where skill and determination matter more than Gears and equipment. At its core, HGA is an action packed first person simulator with next generation AAA graphics. Heavy Gear Assault will also feature a revolutionary melee system and a dynamic damage engine, adding never before seen levels of carnage to the genre. Outside the dueling arenas, players will manage their dueling teams and customize their Gears. Players can also spectate other matches and earn rewards by sponsoring the contestants. Key game modes players can expect early on are Capture the flag, Deathmatch & team deathmatch, and Domination.

What platforms will Heavy Gear Assault be released on?

The initial release will be on PC gaming platforms.

How will the different Gears distinguish themselves?

Gears are warmachines first and foremost. Each has been developed for a specific military purpose and this remains true for the Arenas. Gears have a series of perks and flaws that can be optimized to suit the player's style and preferences.

Players will have to balance their loadouts and performances output to optimize their favorite play style as well as rely on their piloting skills to achieve victory. Simply relying on top tier equipment alone will not cut it in Heavy Gear Assault.

Why go independent?

Most importantly, being independent gives us the freedom and flexibility to create the game we want and to stay true to the Heavy Gear lore, without worrying about imposed commercial goals or priorities that large publishers are known for. We can also sidestep the huge overheads that are involved with large publishers.

Being independent allows us the freedom to recruit the best talents from around the world. As a result, we have some of the industry's biggest talents working on this project. Our team is as diverse as it is experienced and we can transcend borders, whether technological or International.

In short, the community benefits from a creatively pure game, true to the original Heavy Gear lore and produced at a substantially lower cost without sacrificing quality.

How does my support team work (pit crew NPCs)?

Along with their inventory of Gears and equipment, players will manage their Non-Player Character (NPC) team members. These are divided into various classes and perform different functions on the team. Whether they are technicians, pilots, engineers, PR agents and cheerleaders or fixers, each will have a function that will allow your team to succeed.

These NPCs will work in the background to maintain your team's competitive edge. They can be hired or fired depending on your needs. Once hired, they will require a certain upkeep to maintain their services.

Technicians speed up repair times. The more damage incurred on your Gear, the longer the repair time.

Engineers facilitate the integration of upgrades and components to your load out.

PR agents allows you access more prestigious events based on your reputation.

Cheerleaders work the crowd and lets you earn more reputation for each of your successful combos.

Fixers go out and scour the markets for quality (and rare) parts.

These are some of support team members that will be available.

Will there be more developer updates?

Our Community page on our website will be the center of all our updates. Throughout the development cycle of Heavy Gear Assault, our team members will make themselves known to the community and share news on the progress of the project. Please continue to check back, as we will be doing regular updates.

I’m a pledger, where do I stand with the new packages?

If it weren’t for you, the early pledgers, we wouldn’t be here. As such you will receive every reward you are entitled to as they are implemented as well as an associated package for free.

If you pledged prior to this change over, you will receive everything in your previous pledge package PLUS the contents of the new corresponding package as follows:

Previous Pledge Amount
Less than $40
$39.95 Competitor Package
$40 - $80 Inclusively
$59.95 Veteran Package
More than $80
$99.95 Ace Package

Example: If you pledged at the $40 Northern Duelist level. You will receive at launch the entire contents of that pledge level PLUS the $59.95 Veteran Package.

BETA ACCESS HOLDERS: If you previously purchased a pledge level which includes Beta access, you will be now be granted Alpha access too. A separate email will go out to you with instructions. If you have not received this email, please contact support@heavygear.com.

What are Blueprints?

Blueprints allow the owner to fabricate the associated item so long as they have TEC to pay for the manufacturing costs. The blueprint stays in the player’s inventory forever once purchased. Once manufactured, the items go into the player’s inventory and can be used on the player’s Gears or sold on the black market to other players for TEC transactions.

What exactly does buying a Game Pack get me?

The base price for entry to Heavy Gear is $39.95. This includes full access to:

Heavy Gear Assault Core servers - Compete online for fame, fortune and glory. Earn TEC, prizes, fame, infamy and more. Manage your resources in a persistent and dynamic economy.

Player hosted servers - Skip the competitions and persistent economy and play against your friends like you are used to on these player controlled servers.

Single player content - Episode 1 is included with your game pack purchase.

What is the server pack?

Any player that buys the server pack via the Ace Pack, or as a standalone, can host their own multiplayer server. Servers can be used for unit training, mods, custom leagues and ladders. Any player that owns a game pack can join these servers. Host your server using either Linux or Windows. Windows players can join Linux servers and Linux players can join Windows servers!

Player hosted servers do not participate in the persistent world of HGA. Players will not earn fame/infamy, TEC, or stats when playing on a private server.

How is the economy in Heavy Gear designed?

We looked to the real-world and games like Eve Online and Star Citizen for inspiration when designing Heavy Gear Assault’s unique and dynamic economy.

Our philosophy, first and foremost, is to have everything in-game unlockable via cash or TEC (in-game currency) once a gamer has purchased the game. All existing and future content we add - whether it is a server pack, a gun, a gear, a blueprint, NPC, will be unlockable with both in-game earnable currency (TEC) or cash. We do reserve the right to keep certain cosmetic only items limited to cash purchases, but we also guarantee that no gameplay affecting item will ever be behind a cash only pay wall.

Most items can be bought and sold between players on the in-game Black Market. Items can only be bought or sold for TEC between players, not cash, on the Black Market.

Blueprints are unique to player accounts, can be bought for cash or TEC, and gear blueprints can be customized to manufacture completely custom gears.