What is Heavy Gear Assault?

Heavy Gear Assault is the first next-generation mech game in development for Windows, Mac and Linux platforms. Featuring fully destructible environments and Gears, episodic singleplayer story missions, robust multiplayer e-sports integration and dynamic gun-and-melee combat that puts players in control of their pilot, Heavy Gear Assault pushes the boundaries of mech games as only Unreal Engine 4 makes possible.

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Latest Sound Track Released

Posted Jun 3rd 2014 1:32 PM by DeadSet

Now what would a game be without a little bit of music! We are pleased to release this super sample of some tunes you'll be hearing while battling it out on Terra Nova!

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Gear Skeleton Revealed

Posted Jun 3rd 2014 12:51 PM by DeadSet

We are very pleased to reveal the Gear Skeleton. The Gear skeleton is at the heart of Heavy Gear design and construction. Based off the original Hunter design, each Gear comes equipped with a standard skeleton. Much like the armour plates which are mounted to the skeleton, each component of the skeleton can be upgraded and customized. Swap out those servos, actuators, and hydraulics to get the exact performance you're looking for!

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Introducing the Strider